Bahamian Home Improvement Retailer Sees Increase in Holiday Sales; eCommerce Site Drives Market Exposure

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Commonwealth Building Supplies Ltd. (CBS Bahamas), a renowned home improvement distributor and retailer based in the Bahamas announced that its e-commerce platform was producing up to 15% of the company’s revenues in certain months, indicating that sales for the Christmas holiday shopping period were on the rise.

“For this Christmas period, things are looking up compared to last year. We are hoping that we will have a big weekend and a good week next week.” CBS Bahamas’ Vice President Brent Burrows told Eyewitness News Bahamas.

“For our business, I think it has a lot to do with the launching of our website and the information now available to our customers. They can go to the site and see what CBS Bahamas is all about. Our buyers have done an excellent job getting our inventory in for the holidays. We have a good stock of inventory on hand.”

Burrows stated that the e-commerce site has directly helped the company through online sales as well as increased exposure.

“Over the years, we have been a window and door company,” Burrows continued.

“The website has been a huge plus for us as we have been able to expose the new features of our business. That has been huge from a marketing standpoint besides the online sales.

“During this year, we are seeing some months up to 15 percent of sales via online, which is huge as far as growing the business.

“We are very pleased with the direction our e-commerce platform is going.”

CBS Bahamas increased its e-commerce operation and improved direct delivery of its products into the Family Islands starting February of this year.

The company has an advantage over its competition because their online platform now offers next-day delivery on New Providence and contactless pick-up via lockers.

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