Interface Expands Its Resilient Flooring Portfolio With Its First Rigid Core Collection and Even Path

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With Products, Global Flooring Leader Diversifies Resilient Offerings Engineered for Efficiency
Interface, a global commercial flooring provider and global leader in sustainability, has expanded into the rigid core flooring sector with the introduction of its newest resilient offering, the Even PathTM line.

Rigid core flooring provides Interface consumers with the durability of long-lasting hard flooring as well as the convenience of resilient tile.

Even Path, the company’s first rigid core line, showcases exquisite high-quality wood and stone designs that are intended to last.

Interface built its stiff core solutions for hard-working environments and today’s commercial market, engineered to endure strong static loads and conceal subfloor faults.

“We continuously evolve our product portfolio to ensure we deliver a variety of flooring solutions to align with our customers’ needs,” Lisa King, Vice President, and Chief Innovation Officer at Interface said.

“As LVT continues to grow in a big way across the commercial sector, we saw an opportunity to expand our resilient offerings.”

“Our customers were looking for enduring designs with a rigid, flat finish that features glue-free installation and are easy to maintain.”

“Rigid core delivers all of these performance benefits.”

“We engineered an innovative rigid core construction designed specifically for use in commercial environments, featuring a design aesthetic that beautifully conveys the intricate details of solid wood and monumental stone.”

Performance in Every Tile

Interface’s stiff core solutions are designed for optimum durability as well as the greatest flexibility.

The end result is a multi-layered tile that has been meticulously developed on the inside and out for excellent performance and easy installation over a range of existing subfloors, including raised access flooring.

The tile’s hardcore layer is located in the center, allowing the product to tolerate large static loads with minimum remaining indentations.

The unique Ceramor X coating and wear layer on its surface work together to create a strong shield against scratches, scuffs, and abrasions.

This unique design provides exceptional performance for high-traffic commercial environments, while the product’s glue-free, drop-click installation mechanism lowers floor prep and installation time.

“We welcomed the opportunity to engineer a product that took resilience and aesthetics to the next level,” Sajal Patel, Global Director, Resilient at Interface stated.

“With advanced designs and an impressive palette of natural colors, our rigid core products make an impression on their own and are equally as beautiful when paired with Interface LVT, carpet tile, and Nora rubber.”

“Because all of our products are designed to work together, the addition of rigid core flooring to our product portfolio provides our customers with heavy-duty performance where they need it most.”

Commitment to Sustainability

Interface continues to investigate how it might minimize the carbon footprint of all its products as part of its Climate Take Back mission to reverse global warming, with the goal of being a carbon-negative firm by 2040.

Building on its decades-long commitment to sustainability, including its ongoing transformation of the LVT and carpet tile markets, the company intends to drive innovation and transparency in the rigid core category through the delivery of new material formulations, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and third-party certifications.

Notably, Interface is entering the rigid core market with goods that have a substantially lower carbon footprint than the industry average, and the business intends to further decarbonize its products through manufacturing and material breakthroughs.

Together, these measures help Interface move closer to its carbon-negative goal while also assisting its customers in reducing the carbon footprint of their built environments.

Debut Rigid Core Collection

Path, the first collection of Interface rigid core goods, is developed from the ground up with nature’s strength and beauty in mind. Even Path captures the beauties of solid wood, marble, and concrete in minute detail.

Even Path Woodgrains, available in 25 cm × 1 m boards, offers three unique designs in 16 various hues, offering a spectrum of organic tones and shades that create stunning, natural, and harmonious interiors.

Meanwhile, Even Path Stones is available in two patterns and eight hues, with 50 cm × 1 m planks assisting in the creation of marble and concrete aesthetics.

Even Path, which is made with 39 percent recycled content, is carbon neutral across its entire life cycle thanks to Interface’s third-party verified Carbon Neutral Floors program.

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