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In 1976 when Barry Huber was working in a lumberyard, he had no idea that he was beginning a foundation, of what would later become a very specialized roof contracting company with national and international recognition. Barry’s interest in construction proved to be the building block of what eventually became an accomplished and qualified roofing company called Huber & Associates.

In the early 1980’s, being called upon to do a demanding and challenging roofing project that required steam bending of cedar shingles, Barry began steaming shingles on the kitchen stove to produce immediate samples for the customer. After that first very custom residence, further similar work was contracted and he obtained a patent for his invention for the steaming and bending process of wood shingles. Consequently, a historic roofing style was re-developed. Barry has since obtained three patents in the roofing industry. One such patent launched an entire roofing product line called Endureed®, which many customers utilize worldwide today.

Today, Huber and Associates is known as expert roofing contractors, called upon to perform some of the most beautiful, highest of quality, and even “artistic” roofing installations. They have experience with many roofing styles, formats, and materials with the ability to work with you in providing the perfect solution for your roofing project. They can create and offer specially designed roofing installation, working to go above and beyond your expectations. No matter the need, Huber and Associates is confident they can provide you with the finished project you desire.