Idaho’s Tall Mass Timber Move Gets A Nod From AWC

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The American Wood Council applauds Idaho’s decision to implement tall mass timber provisions. By the beginning of 2022, Idaho’s building codes will include new provisions for mass timber.

H 143, signed by Idaho Gov. Brad Little, directs the state building code board to amend the state code to include the 2021 tall mass timber building code provisions by Jan. 1, 2022.

According to Jackson Morrill, President of the American Wood Council, in a statement issued by the council, “Mass timber is a category of wood product that is already revolutionizing how America builds. There are already over 1,000 mass timber projects constructed or in the design phase in the United States.”

Morrill went on to say that bypassing the bill, Idaho joins Oregon, Washington, Utah, California, Virginia, and the City of Denver in recognizing a sustainable alternative to traditional construction.

“The use of mass timber will support healthier working forests, expand markets for wood products, and increase forest industry jobs most often found in rural areas,” Morrill continued.

At the Idaho Legislature, the AWC testified in favor of H 143.

The written testimony is available here.

The provisions of Idaho’s new tall mass timber building code can be found here.

The American Wood Council, headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia, represents North American wood products manufacturing, including 85 percent of the structural wood products industry.

Members create products that are essential to daily life from a renewable resource that absorbs and sequesters carbon.

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