NAHB: Why Do Builders Keep Using Lumber Despite Price Increases?

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A lack of experienced workers, the relative cost of materials, and buyer resistance are the most frequently cited reasons for not switching from wood-framing.

Despite the fact that the majority of builders are reporting framing lumber shortages, a recent post from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) revealed that wood framing remains the most popular construction method for single-family homes.

In 2020, wood framing accounted for 91 percent of all new homes built.

Why Do Builders Keep Using Lumber Despite Price Increases

Despite material shortages and record-high prices, NAHB has discovered that few builders are switching from wood framing or have expressed an interest in doing so through May 2021.

According to an NAHB survey, the most common reason for not transitioning away from wood framing is a lack of workers with the necessary experience.

Other reasons given by builders for not switching to non-wood framing were the relative cost of materials, engineering and design costs, buyer resistance, difficulty obtaining approvals or inspections, and a fear of alienating subcontractors.

NAHB says, only 5% of builder respondents indicated that none of the potential problems listed in the survey was a significant barrier to transitioning away from wood framing.

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