Latest Ul Fire Resistance Testing Success, Hushframe Redefines Soundproofing For Multi-Family Development

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With a successful one-hour UL fire rating and wood furring assembly, HushFrame decoupling breaks down the barrier to soundproofing floors and ceilings.

For years, builders and developers have battled to affordably soundproof wood-framed structures in order to meet acoustic code standards.

They have used a number of products with subpar outcomes. HushFrame currently offers the only UL one-hour fire-rated floor/ceiling assembly made of wood furring.

This same assembly beats all competitors acoustically, as evidenced by excellent laboratory STC and IIC ratings and great post-build acoustic field testing.

There is no requirement for gypcrete, metal hat channel, or robust underlayment pad. This simple structure employing HushFrame rafts saves money, materials, and space while providing exceptional acoustic seclusion.

HushFrame CEO, Micah Logan, said “The introduction of HushFrame decoupling rafts into the construction industry is like Church and Dwight’s introduction of baking soda back in 1867. They are single products that solve for multiple issues.”

HushFrame has discovered some painful facts through field and laboratory testing: long-accepted building technologies, notably Resilient Channel, struggle to meet acoustic standards.

When metal isolation clips are fitted in accordance with UL fire regulations, the majority of the noise isolation benefits are lost.

“There have been many misleading performance claims for widely deployed building assembly designs and products” Alan Case, HushFrame CTO said.

HushFrame, on the other hand, has invented a simple, low-cost decoupling technology that, when fitted inside walls and floor/ceilings, kills noise transmission, raising acoustic performance over what the building code requires and bringing it up to premium acoustic privacy levels.

Phil is one of our main correspondents based out of Providence, Rhode Island.