AVONITE Flex – Comfort and Elegance for Sanitaryware Applications

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Aristech Surfaces LLC is pleased to introduce AVONITE Flex, a new, patent-pending ultra-formable solid surface. This innovative, thermoformable solid surface gives sinks, baths, formed wet walls, and other sanitaryware and bath applications a refined appearance.

AVONITE Flex, which was recently introduced to the Hot Tub and Swim Spa markets, lends itself perfectly to the development of elegantly designed products for the entire wellness sector.

The American multinational intends to revitalize the demand for luxury in the bath sector by drawing on its over 25-year experience producing and pioneering with AVONITE solid surface.

AVONITE Flex does, in fact, enable the creation of entirely new types of products.

It was created with the intention of bringing together two worlds that had previously seemed incompatible: on the one hand, the realm of sanitary applications, which has invested in materials that are practical and comprehensively designed to meet the needs of B-to-B clients – easy to mass-produce, customizable, and long-lasting; and on the other hand, the realm of interior design, which has invested in sensual materials that are elegant, pleasantly warm to the touch, offering unlimited design characteristics, geared top.

AVONITE Flex has excellent chemical and stain resistance, allowing it to withstand the rigorous cleaning regimes found in commercial applications. Furthermore, its non-porous, bacteriostatic surface inhibits the growth of microorganisms, making it a completely sanitary material.

AVONITE Flex is a new solid surface formulation with all of the most desired functional properties: The sheeting is 3.2 mm thick and comes in sheets or rolls in widths of up to 108 in./2740 mm and two colors: Alabaster Wave 8705 and Pure Alabaster 8701.

It also has excellent thermoformability, allowing it to be formed over the sharpest angles and the most difficult-to-reach recesses. Finally, because AVONITE Flex is lightweight, it is easy to handle in the workshop, during transport, and during installation.

Aristech Surfaces LLC created AVONITE Flex with a luxurious, soft matte finish based on our experience with designer materials in a variety of finishes.

AVONITE Flex, as part of the AVONITE line of products, naturally offers the brand’s famous soft feel and signature texture. AVONITE Flex, like all AVONITE materials, can be milled, machined, etched, and even stamped.

“The idea was to create a product that responds to the major demand for cocooning and high-end finishes; customers want their home décor to be inspiring and relaxing,” explains Group Marketing Director Jana Bartlett.

“With AVONITE Flex, we’ve successfully combined the comfort and sophisticated look of AVONITE for a variety of previously unattainable applications.”

Finally, despite AVONITE Flex’s innovative nature, Aristech Surfaces LLC was very careful to design a material that would not necessitate manufacturers investing in new equipment.

It can be manufactured using standard molds and vacuum forming systems with no additional investment. Furthermore, the material is more easily repaired than acrylic sheets, making it even more durable.

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