Cultured Stone Launches Carbon Color Palette to Handmade Brick Stone Veneer

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Cultured Stone introduces rich gray “Carbon” palette as part of its Handmade Brick stone veneer profile.

It draws inspiration from the appearance of aged brick structures in America’s East Coast.

“There’s interest in integrating the look and feel of exposed brick in a variety of spaces, and we developed Carbon Handmade Brick in response to insights from our trusted community of builders, architects, and designers,” says Sarah Lograsso, director of marketing.

The color profile is made to offer a modern, saturated color alternative.

This comes with a mixture of light and dark tones across hand-formed brick textures.

“This new color palette provides a timeless look for structures and is a durable, versatile option to showcase the character of saturated, hand-painted brick in residential and commercial spaces,” continues Sarah Lograsso.

The Handmade Brick profile is easy to install and light.

The company mentions that it also utilizes contrasting grout lines to provide visual appeal.

Customers can get it in Canvas, Moroccan Sand, and Titanium palettes.

Zach is our contributor covering home improvement and building renovation business news.