Johnson Hardware includes all-steel split studs to improve 1500SC Series Pocket Door Frames

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Johnson Hardware upgraded its 1500SC Series Pocket Door Frame by including all-steel split studs in the product line.

These will replace the old steel-wrapped wood studs.

The change to galvanized steel studs improves the strength of the Pocket Door Frame’s walls by three times.

It also improves rigidity and resistance to bowing in and out or flexing. The studs are also resistant to rust and warping.

The 1500SC’s 2×4 construction frame does not need Johnson Hardware’s 1575 adaptor kit for 1-3/4 inch thick doors because of the switch.

The narrow studs create an additional quarter inch of space, which provides a bigger, 2-1/4 inch pocket.

This holds doors up to 108 inches high and 60 inches wide, and has a maximum weight of approximately 200 pounds.

These features can complete 100,000 opening and closing cycles which exceeds the standards of ANSI.

The softness of the close/open frame allows users to move it with their fingertips.

This reduces the possibility of pinched or slammed fingers.

The self-tapping screws integrate well with drywall and finish trim. The Johnson’s Stud Wall Adaptor Kit makes it easy to adapt with 4 inch steel studded walls.

The 1500SC Pocket Door Frame with steel split studs is similar to the previous version because it takes around an hour for installation.

The latest product is also available in 2060, 2000, 1560 and 1562 pocket door frames in Johnson Hardware’s line.

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