Behr’s Latest Flat Finish Paint Provides Extra Mar and Scuff Resistance

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Behr Paint’s latest paint product offering, the Behr Ultra Scuff Defense Interior Extra Durable Flat Paint and Primer, was developed to provide a flat surface finish that comes with resistance to scuffing and marring.

“Part of our role as a paint company is to continuously innovate and improve the painting experience, which is why we created Scuff Defense Interior Extra Durable Flat Paint and Primer,” said Jeff Filley, president at Behr Paint.

Experts recommend the non-reflective, easy-to-clean surface treatment for high-traffic places such as entryways, hallways and shared residential and commercial areas.

“This product aims to accommodate paint professionals, designers and DIYers, and creates an option unmatched in the market today. Previously, flat finishes were known to need a little extra TLC compared to other sheens, but Scuff Defense Interior Extra Durable Flat Paint and Primer is a great alternative that eliminates the compromise between the look desired and the durability required,” said Jeff Filley.

Customers can buy the paint and primer at The Home Depot in all Behr Paint color options.

Prices start at $32.97 per gallon.

According to the product label, an additional primer coat may be needed on some surfaces.

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