ABC Supply Collaborates with GAF QuickMeasure

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ABC Supply Co. Inc. has partnered with GAF to provide contractors with faster access to aerial roof measurements via their myABCsupply accounts.

Customers of ABC Supply can now order a GAF QuickMeasure report, retrieve reports, and place material orders with ABC Supply without leaving the myABCsupply app.

“We’re excited to partner with GAF to give our customers an option to access GAF QuickMeasure reports through their myABCsupply accounts,” ABC Supply’s chief operating officer, Mike Jost, stated.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to make our customers’ lives a little easier, and giving them easy access to these reports helps us toward this goal.”

In 2019, ABC Supply launched myABCsupply to provide its customers with 24/7 access to place orders online, view order details, track deliveries, retrieve delivery photos, and manage their billing systems.

GAF QuickMeasure is an aerial roofing measurement tool that uses third-party proprietary software to provide automated roof measurements in less than an hour for single-family homes and less than 24 hours for multifamily and commercial properties.

In addition to the measurements, GAF QuickMeasure includes an interactive roof report with a design view of GAF products customized for the project.

The reports also include a materials list based on the measurements, which can be ordered directly from the myABCsupply app.

GAF QuickMeasure reports are billed to customers’ monthly ABC Supply statements when ordered through myABCsupply.

“Contractors are looking for tools that help streamline processes and gather accurate information quickly and easily to meet customer needs,” Vishal Laddha, GAF’s director of marketing – partner programs, agreed.

“We’re thrilled to partner with ABC Supply to provide an integrated solution where contractors can access everything they need for a roofing job at their fingertips, including a QuickMeasure roof report.”

Vince is one of our building products correspondents based out of Boston, Massachusetts.