Andersen Corporation Invests in Ubiquitous Energy’s Transparent Solar Tech

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Andersen Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative windows and doors, announced a strategic investment in Ubiquitous Energy, the world leader in transparent photovoltaic technology, which converts light into electricity while remaining visible using semiconductor materials.

The patented glass coating technology aims to bring solar energy into homes via Andersen windows.

Andersen, a long-time industry pioneer, sees this investment as a continuation of the company’s commitment to leading the industry with new solutions that improve the homeowner experience and make the world a better place.

Ubiquitous Energy’s UE Power technology is the only patented and transparent photovoltaic glass coating that generates electricity from solar power while appearing almost identical to traditional windows.

The technology provides the clear, natural experience expected of traditional windows while also generating renewable energy that can be used for self-contained, onboard power, and smart home functionality, or to offset energy consumption elsewhere.

It is a solar power asset that works in tandem with a portfolio of other renewable technologies to achieve a larger, cumulative effect.

“Ubiquitous Energy’s transparent photovoltaic technology is revolutionary and represents a new horizon for the fenestration industry,” Jay Lund, chairman, and chief executive officer, Andersen Corporation said.”

“As America’s premier window and patio door manufacturer, Andersen is excited to support the work of Ubiquitous Energy to bring solar power into homes and commercial buildings through windows and doors, creating new opportunities for energy efficiency, cost savings, and smart home integrations that will both delight homeowners and contribute to a healthier planet.”

Andersen’s commitment to innovation has transformed the window and door category year after year, with over 225 patents to its name.

The company’s investment in Ubiquitous Energy reflects its long-term interest in advancing externally developed disruptive technology solutions that have the potential to significantly elevate the industry.

Ubiquitous Energy recently completed its Series B funding round, which will allow the company to accelerate the manufacturing and commercialization of its UE PowerTM technology.

Andersen and Ubiquitous Energy are working together to make it easier for more people to experience the power of solar while also significantly reducing building carbon footprints.

“We are thrilled to bring on Andersen as a new funding partner,” Susan Stone, chief executive officer, Ubiquitous Energy said.”

“We are committed to making an enormous impact environmentally and this latest funding round will help expand what’s possible in a renewable energy portfolio and change the way the world utilizes solar power – one window at a time.”

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