Bill Pulte’s Posthumous Gift Funds ‘The Bill Pulte Foundation’ with a $200,000 Scholarship for Pulte Homes Employees and Others

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Billionaire homebuilder William J. “Bill” Pulte left a specially designated multimillion-dollar inheritance package to his protégé grandson and heir, Bill Pulte, and a portion of these funds were used by key Pulte Family members to launch The Bill Pulte Foundation as well as a $200,000 scholarship program to thank former and current PulteGroup Inc employees.

Bill Pulte’s heir honors his late father’s final wish to expand legacy giving.

The Bill Pulte Foundation will disrupt charitable and generational giving because Bill Pulte disrupted housing in America.

Foundation projects will honor the late Bill Pulte’s employees, those in need, urban neighborhoods, promote access to capital markets via Bitcoin, and champion education.

Bill Pulte said, “We are in the beginning stages of the Foundation so we’ve asked our partners – and prospective recipients – to be patient with us as we ramp up.”

“We intend to utilize the help of millions of teammates who have come together to help each other at Twitter Philanthropy.”

“So far, we have launched two giving programs, one benefiting those who worked for Bill Pulte and for the general public, and the other, a partnership with the Blight Authority, a nonprofit founded by Bill Pulte and Bill Pulte that removes urban rot, reducing crime and increasing property values for inner-city citizens often left behind by the government,” stated by a spokesperson for the Foundation.

Bill Pulte, a viral philanthropic giver, has given away over $1,000,000 of his own money through Twitter.com and other social media platforms since 2019, inspiring not just other rich Americans to do the same, but also tens of thousands of modest contributions to social causes.

“My grandpa (also William J. Pulte) isn’t just who I’m named after.”

“Grandpa was my mentor, recruiting me into his business with him at Pulte Homes, and together we formed the charity with the Blight Authority.”

“He transformed the lives of millions of Americans and I was proud to work with him. It’s time to continue the work, to ‘keep on going’, as he would say,” Bill Pulte cited.

“It is my hope that when our children become adults, that they dutifully guard my own legacy the way I protect my grandfather’s final wishes in business and charity.

I foresee our two daughters building homes and charity in the future!,” said Pulte.

The Bill Pulte Foundation is distinct from other organizations founded by Bill Pulte’s relatives, such as Pulte Capital Partners LLC, PulteGroup, Inc., and The Pulte Family Charitable Foundation.

The Foundation does not seek outside funding, for-profit collaboration, or monetary contributions.

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