Employee Satisfaction Equals Customer Satisfaction

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Northpoint Roofing Systems’ recently appointed Vice President of People, Katrina Kramer, has continued to fulfill the company’s goal of fostering a people-first culture.

Katrina wanted to see the progress of employees’ continued engagement using an employee Net Promoter Score after speaking with the owners (eNPS).

With one question and feedback request, an eNPS is a quick and simple way to understand employees and their experience with the company.

Northpoint is confident that the results will provide information that will enable them to create an environment in which their employees can perform to the best of their abilities, thereby assisting the company in fulfilling its mission of building communities through dependability.

According to Bamboo HR, the average organization has an eNPS of 14.

The eNPS for Northpoint, on the other hand, outperformed the average and put a huge smile on the business owner’s face, with a score of 91.

“This comes to us as no surprise, but validated what we hear from our customers about how knowledgeable and helpful our staff are when they are at their homes,” said Katrina.

Northpoint Roofing Systems believes that an eNPS is a goal that every company should work hard to achieve.
“This score is the starting point of what we want for the company, but it doesn’t mean we have nothing to improve on.”

“Instead, it means we are moving in the right direction of a successful people-first culture,” says Keith Priddy, President, and Co-Owner.

Northpoint was rated highly for promotion because of its people, culture, atmosphere, and leadership.

Employees raved about how Northpoint provided work-life balance and fulfilling careers.

Sales manager Joseph Happe IV adds, “The responses we saw were exactly the drive we needed to begin the New Year and have our team hit the ground in excitement.”

If the results told us anything, it was that Northpoint was doing something right.

The most frequently mentioned comment was that the friendly environment made employees feel like family, and they were proud to call this company home.

Phil is one of our main correspondents based out of Providence, Rhode Island.