HOLT Crane & Equipment Makes Use of Vita Load Navigator (VLN) Systems from Vita Inclinata

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Increased Productivity, Improved Safety, and Product Serviceability are cited as compelling features to buy by a Texas-based construction equipment distributor.

Vita Inclinata (Vita), a creator and manufacturer of helicopter and crane load stabilization and precision hardware, announced today the delivery of three Vita Load Navigator (VLN) systems to HOLT Crane & Equipment (2xVLN20 and 1xVLN40) (HOLT).

HOLT, a Texas-based distributor, will use the VLN systems for renting, selling, and assisting customers in meeting short- and long-term construction needs.

The VLN is a remotely operated, suspended load system that gives crane operators the precision control they need to orient their lifts without being in the load’s critical path.

The technology adapts dynamically to load sizes, crane movement, and wind conditions, allowing for high-precision lifts even in the most difficult environments.

HOLT considers the VLN system to be a critical tool for any form of heavy load lifting since it removes the need for taglines, increases the productivity of lifting and putting weights, and enhances employee safety.

“We are excited about introducing the Vita Load Navigator into the southern construction market and believe that the system will quickly prove itself in terms of safety and productivity,” Kyle Nape, Sales Manager, HOLT Crane & Equipment said.

“Not only is this an excellent product right now, but Vita Inclinata is also a great manufacturer who works closely with HOLT and our customers to continually improve the system in the field.”

Nape cites the following additional VLN features as persuasive reasons to promote Vita’s system throughout the building industry:

  • Simple load control and wind stability with minimal effort from the riggers/operators.
  • Two memory positions are provided to facilitate multi-pick operations.
  • Long battery life and ease of multiple charging
  • It is simple to transport from work to job.

Construction in Texas generated $100.9 billion (5.3 percent) of the state’s $1.9 trillion GDP in 2020, according to Associated General Contractors of America statistics.

Caleb Carr, CEO of Vita, emphasizes the significance of Texas and other regions that accept HOLT services.

“As a VLN distributor, HOLT will promote our system to construction operations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico—areas where they have strong relationships,” said Caleb Carr.

“We are excited such a large construction company has embraced our system and proud that the VLN system will be promoting a higher degree of load-lifting safely throughout the south.”

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