HOVER Collaborates With Beacon Building Products To Improve Digital Materials Ordering

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Using HOVER’s Direct Ordering, contractors can now make roofing material orders in minutes with one of the nation’s most established exterior construction materials suppliers, saving time and materials.

HOVER, the technology company that converts smartphone photos of any property into a digital twin with valuable 3D data, announced today the ability for contractors to digitally order roofing materials via a new partnership with Beacon (Nasdaq: BECN), the nation’s largest publicly traded distributor of roofing materials and complementary building products.

Contractors can use Direct Ordering to place orders with Beacon from within the HOVER platform thanks to the agreement.

Direct Ordering estimates material quantities, rapidly produce material lists for roofing items, and puts the order with Beacon using precise measurements established using HOVER’s 3D model.

The automated ordering process considers a contractor’s specific price and installation preferences and provides a unified, integrated digital experience, removing the need for manual entry or separate ordering.

“We’re excited to partner with HOVER to allow contractors to place orders directly through the platform,” Jamie Samide, VP of Marketing at Beacon said.

“We’ve supported roofing contractors for nearly 100 years, getting them the best supplies right on time.”

“The addition of HOVER’s precise measurements automatically connected to the order is another service innovation helping our customers build more.”

“HOVER’s Direct Ordering is simple to use,” explained Tyler Schisler, Co-Owner of Shumaker Roofing.

“Using HOVER, we can confidently build-out estimates in minutes, providing transparency, and calculating the number of materials needed.”

“By streamlining ordering, my projects can move forward more quickly because I’m getting the exact quantity of materials I need with efficiency and ease.”

Delays in supply chains, rising homeowner demand for roofing rehabilitation and repair, and the constant need for cost-cutting efficiencies have all put pressure on exterior home improvement contractors in recent years.

By allowing contractors to calculate and order the exact quantities of roofing supplies they require directly from trustworthy suppliers via HOVER’s Direct Ordering service, works can be finished more rapidly.

Less squandered time and material results in higher savings and earning potential.

Since 2018, Beacon and HOVER have worked closely together to deliver the groundbreaking digital solution Beacon 3D+ to the market.

The latest milestone in the relationship is HOVER Direct Ordering within Beacon Pro+, and both companies are thrilled to introduce the joint service during the International Roofing Expo on February 1-3, 2022.

“Beacon is among the oldest and most established distributors in the building material space, and we’re excited to launch HOVER to their network of customers,” A.J. Altman, founder, and CEO of HOVER said.

“The partnership between HOVER and Beacon is an exciting step toward servicing more contractors with less waste and more efficiency by digitizing material ordering.”

Vince is one of our building products correspondents based out of Boston, Massachusetts.