Tractor Supply’s 2,000th Store Opens

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Tractor Supply Company has surpassed 2,000 locations and intends to continue its growth.

In 2022, the firm plans to open 75-80 new locations, including relocating a store in Minot, North Dakota, the original Tractor Supply location.

Tractor Supply Company founded in 1938 as a mail-order company specializing in tractor parts for farmers.

Charles E. Schmidt Sr. ran the company from his Chicago kitchen table before launching a retail location in Minot a year later.

Schmidt chose the town because of its central location between Texas and Saskatchewan, two tractor-owning hotspots.

Tractor Supply celebrated the opening of its 1,000th shop in 2011 after 72 years in operation. Only ten years later, it added another thousand, and it recently celebrated the grand inauguration of the 2,000th facility in White House, Tennessee.

“Beginning with our first store in Minot, Tractor Supply Company established a commitment to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers, and we have upheld that commitment for more than 80 years,” Hal Lawton, Tractor Supply’s president & CEO said.

“By never losing sight of our purpose, we have grown far beyond what Mr. Schmidt could have ever imagined.”

“While we are proud of our history and all that we have accomplished, we are even more excited about the future and the many ways we can continue to support our neighbors who share our passion for Life Out Here.”

“Supporting our neighbors means providing them with the products and services they need, but it also means caring for the communities we call home,” Hal Lawton added.

“As we grow, we remain committed to supporting our local customers and the causes that are most important to them.”

Tractor Supply actively contributes to their communities by donating to local animal shelters, 4-H groups, FFA chapters, and other organizations.

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