TOTO Launches Rectangular Bidet Seat for SP Wall-Hung Toilet

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TOTO introduced their latest WASHLET+ bidet toilet seat, the WASHLET+ SW.

It was made to pair with the company’s SP Wall-Hung Toilet.

The WASHLET+ SW’s rectangular shape drew inspiration from a wave’s motion.

Taken together, the SP WASHLET+ SW Wall-Hung Toilet provides a clean, modern look for buyers, and an extra 9 inches of floor space.

The features relate together smoothly and have no exposed supply connections.

The detachable seat is also easy to clean.

The bidet seat comes with the same technologies and features as the WASHLET+ RW such as:

  • A gentle warm-aerated dual-action water spray
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure
  • Pulsating and oscillating features
  • Warm air dryer and heated seat
  • Auto flush and auto open/close
  • In-bowl catalytic deodorizer

The auto-flush starts when the user gets up and leaves.

User don’t have to wave a hand at the sensor.

It also comes with a manual push plate.

The toilet’s DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH system consumes only 1.28 gallons of water in the full flush cycle.

It uses 0.9 gpf in the light flush cycle.

It uses a cyclonic rinsing action that reduces waste accumulation and improves the cleanliness of the bowl.

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