Jordan Lumber Improves Grading System

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Jordan Lumber is a company based in Mt. Gilead, N.C.

They are upgrading its Lineal High Grader (LHG) to leverage USNR’s Deep Learning technology and improved computing features.

The improvement includes its move to a new software platform shared by all the USNR automated grading systems.

These are Transverse High Grader in the dry mill, AddVantage chop and rip optimizer, and BioVision in the green mill in the value added market.

The Deep Learning neural network enhances bark, pith, knot and other defect detection and classification.

This offers accurate grade and trim solutions.

The mill’s WinTally sorter management system will get the current version release.

The WinTally system and the automated grading system work together to provide improved processing of products and sorting.

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