The Rebranding of Russin Lumber

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Russin Lumber, Montgomery, N.Y., has rebranded. The company has introduced a new logo and digital footprint.

These were made to recognize the changing needs of today’s construction materials industry.

The Russin Lumber name will be in use for corporate purposes, however, the company’s customer-focused branding will be under the simple name of “Russin.”

“The building materials industry is undergoing significant change. While it’s critical that we remain true to the customers and core business principles that have guided us since 1957, we must also recognize that in today’s environment, product selection for most projects begins online,” said Jordan Russin, co-president.

Russin’s rebranding will help draw decision-makers to its products.

It will bring its customers value by working with architects and end users as they go through product selection.

With an improved online presence and better customer-centered branding, Russin hopes to bolster its dealer base.

The company will do so by helping end users and specifiers when they make product decisions for their projects.

“Our branding will now reflect the needs of the broader consumer base our industry serves, while still offering our customers the products and services they’ve always appreciated,” Jordan Russin continued.

Glenn is our New York City correspondent covering home improvement, DIYs, and home renovation reports in New England areas.