IRWIN Launches New SPEEDBOR SUPREME Self-Feed and Auger Bits

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IRWIN, the world’s leading manufacturer of hand tools and power tool accessories, has announced the release of SPEEDBOR SUPREME self-feed and auger bits.

The new SPEEDBOR SUPREME bit family is designed to endure repeated nail impacts and is engineered for high performance wood drilling.

The SPEEDBOR SUPREME self-feed and auger bits have a 3X longer life* and are more durable on the jobsite, cutting through clean and nail embedded wood. Because of their lasting bi-metal design, the bits’ high-speed steel cutting blades retain their sharpness.

The bits are designed to provide high-performance drilling.

They have a resharpable cutting edge, an aggressive screw tip, and a black oxide coating for corrosion protection.

IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME self-feed and auger bits are available in a range of lengths and diameters, letting users to accomplish even the most difficult wood-drilling tasks with ease.

“Professionals know that durability is crucial on the jobsite,” said Stanley Black & Decker Senior Product Manager Harry ZhongStanley Black & Decker Senior Product Manager Harry Zhong.

“IRWIN is committed to providing our valued users with accessory solutions that are designed to stand up to the toughest challenges every time they are put to use.”

SPEEDBOR SUPREME Self-Feed Bit Features:

  • The self-feed bits contain a high-speed steel cutting edge and an aggressive screw tip for drilling through lumber swiftly.
  • Engineered to cut through the most difficult drilling applications, the IRWIN® SPEEDBOR SUPREMETM 2-9/16″ self-feed bit drills 6.3X holes vs. IRWIN previous model, when drilling into 1-1/2″ thick Brazilian oak hardwood compared to the previous model.
  • The self-feed bits are designed to drill quick, clean holes with few interruptions. They have an enlarged shank that can cut 4″x4″ lumber without extensions and an included replacement tip.
  • The self-feed bits are compatible with normal drill chucks, and the 7/16″ quick change hex is compatible with quick change ready right-angle drills.
  • Self-feed bits are ideal for drilling holes for electrical cables, conduits, and PVC pipe for water, drain, and waste lines.

SPEEDBOR SUPREME Auger Bit Features:

  • The auger bits easily cut through wood to create clean holes.
  • The forceful screw tip draws material through, and the improved flute design provides for quick and effective chip ejection.
  • The bits are made of robust bi-metal and are designed to endure repeated nail impacts.
  • When drilling into 1-1/2″ diameter auger bit drills 236 more holes VS. IRWIN Weldtec® auger bits, when drilling into 1-1/2″ diameter auger bit drills 236 more holes than the IRWIN Weldtec® auger bits.
  • The auger bits are suitable for drilling holes to run electrical cables and conduit, PVC piping for water lines, and drilling through holes to bolt massive timber beams due to the 7/16″ quick change hex.

The new SPEEDBOR SUPREME self-feed and auger bits have a 3x longer life and are ideal for plumbers, electricians, and general tradesmen.

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