PABCO introduces new interior Glass-Faced Gypsum Panel

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PABCO Gypsum launched a new product, the glass-faced gypsum panel.

This is for non-fire rated residential interior use, specifically in high moisture locations like kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

This PABCO GLASS product is ½-inch thick, and comes with a mold and water-resistant gypsum core.

Glass fibers reinforce it for better core strength and durability.

The products are non-combustible, dimensionally stable, and resistant to sagging, buckling and warping.

The product complements existing PABCO glass faced products which includes the PABCO GLASS Sheathing and Shaftliner.

The product has the capacity to resist a year of exposure to normal weather even while construction is ongoing.

Customers can use it during the pre-rock construction phase of their project. Another use of this is as a wallboard for showers and tubs.

“We’re happy to offer this product to our contractors who often prefer to use the same manufacturer’s wallboard for their projects. We continue to focus on product development and expanding our product offerings to our customers,” says Mike Willoughby, vice president of PABCO Gypsum.

“This product releases the need for any kind of tile backer,” says Carlos Dutra, project manager and estimator for Precision Drywall Interiors, in a statement for PABCO Gypsum.

“Simply tape the joints with a fiber glass tape, apply an approved moisture/mold resistant caulking at the inside angles, then roll on a waterproofing/cracking prevention membrane,” he continues

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