NovikStone Expands Dry Stack and Premium Hand-Cut Stone Siding Lineups with On-Trend Color Onyx

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Derby Building Products’ Novik brand has added Onyx, a popular deep black tone, to its NovikStone Dry Stack Stone and Premium Hand-Cut stone siding lines.

“Based on in-depth color research, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our popular, on-trend color Onyx to NovikStone’s Dry Stack and Premium Hand-Cut,” said Amber Skymer, Senior Product Manager, Derby Building Products.

“Our distinctive, dark black Onyx color, which is a best seller in our Stacked Stone line, delivers a striking appearance that adds drama and contrast to mixed-material exteriors – now in two new profiles of stone siding.”

NovikStone’s Dry Stack, with the intricate detail of precision-laid dry stack stone, is the ideal solution for achieving the look of traditional masonry on any structure.

NovikStone’s Dry Stack line includes seven additional colors with a modern aesthetic that complements a variety of exteriors: Anthracite, Basalt, Brownstone, Flint, Limestone, Lava, and Travertine.

NovikStone’s Premium Hand-Cut features elegant contours for a clean, yet sophisticated look, capturing the beauty and texture of hand-chiseled stone. Premium Hand Cut is also available in Smoke White, Shadow Gray, and Misty Beige, in addition to Onyx.

With popular colors, a unique texture, and a natural stone appearance, Novik’s stone siding is ideal for increasing curb appeal.

NovikStone, the leading brand of stone siding, is moisture resistant, providing durability as well as increased resistance to warping, expansion, contraction, and cracking. It’s ideal for foundation covers, knee wall cladding, and accent walls.

The panels can be installed in any climate with standard tools, even in direct contact with the ground. Unlike traditional stone or stone veneers, NovikStone panels are rigid and lightweight, allowing for quick, one-person installation without the use of mortar or adhesives.

Dry Stack Stone and Premium Hand-Cut Stone offer unrivaled beauty and are a wise choice for improving the appearance of any home, thanks to NovikStone’s limited lifetime warranty. To learn more about Onyx and other NovikStone colors, go to www.novik.com.

Chris is our Texas contributor covering building products and home renovation.