Palmer-Donavin Relocated to New Kentucky Facility

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Palmer-Donavin has relocated to a new facility near Hebron, Kentucky.

The deal allows the company to expand its service region to Nashville, Tennessee.

The new factory is 200,000 square feet in size, and the corporation will supply to select dealers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and now Tennessee.

“We will be able to expand our service area without disrupting our current delivery days and, with the new facility, we can better serve our will-call business,” Vic Enis, Palmer-Donavin’s regional sales manager said in a prepared statement.

The relocation from West Chester, Ohio to Hebron, Kentucky places the new facility more centrally in the service area of the branch.

According to Palmer Donavin, the new facility has improved lighting, a concrete structure with fewer control joints, and a new racking configuration that allows for more product to be warehoused.

“The layout of the racking in the new building has better flow of product that will allow us to be more efficient with the handling of product and timelier on transfers and deliveries. We’re also excited about the facility’s new construction as we expect less wear on equipment and on the bodies of employees. In terms of location, it is conveniently located close to Interstate-275, which will allow us to avoid morning rush hour traffic with route vehicles,” said Vice President of Operations, Tom Bartlett.

Palmer-Donavin has eight facilities in the Midwest and serves dealers in eleven states.

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