Trimble Unveils 3D Paving Control System for Asphalt Compactors

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Trimble Roadworks Paving Control Platform for Asphalt Compactors was released today, allowing operators to precisely control the compaction process while avoiding unnecessary passes that can result in over compaction.

This 3D paving control system with great accuracy is intended to improve the speed, accuracy, and ease of asphalt compaction.

The system makes use of Trimble Roadworks software, which is based on Android, to maximize ease of use, shorten training times, and save downtime for operators who are already familiar with the Roadworks user interface.

The new system is adaptable and can accommodate a wide range of job site needs and standards with the right hardware and software combinations.

Roadworks enable contractors to save money on fuel while also reducing machine wear and tear and operator hours.

Furthermore, asphalt temperature mapping gives color-coded data that enables operators to compact at the proper temperature, reducing material waste and rework.

Roadworks are available at multiple pricing levels to help meet the individual needs of each contractor, in addition to assisting operators in achieving improved accuracy and efficiency.

Contractors can now pay for exactly the capability they require with new compactor licenses, while office-only licenses enable enhanced capabilities in the workplace.

Users can also benefit from continuing platform development on the Roadworks platform.

“This release is particularly important because every day we’re seeing more DOTs and private owners build technology requirements into their RFPs.”

“We’re expecting there to be an influx of projects over the coming months and years as the result of increased infrastructure funding,” Kevin Garcia, general manager, Trimble Civil Specialty Solutions stated.

“The Trimble Roadworks platform is specifically designed to be easy to learn and use.”

“Variable pricing helps make this platform even more accessible and levels the playing field for contractors of all types and sizes.”

Connected Site Functionality

Trimble WorksOS and Trimble WorksManager software are both compatible with Roadworks.

This allows contractors to remotely monitor job site progress and activities as well as deliver construction-ready models from the office to the machine.

Furthermore, the machine’s productivity data is automatically transferred back to the office.


Trimble Roadworks Paving Control Platform for Asphalt Compactors is now available for purchase through the SITECH global distribution channel.

Visit heavyindustry.trimble.com/roadworks-asphalt for additional details.

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