HexArmor Broadens PPE Production

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HexArmor’s Michigan production facilities has shifted to making a new line of disposable and fluid-resistant face shields and goggles as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increasing need for personal protective wear.

These are now available and ready for shipping.

The 17-12050 Fluid-Resistant Full Face Protector is made based on feedback from customers.

It acts as a ‘first line of defense’ against airborne fluids when used with a mask.

The protector underwent internal testing to meet ANSI/ISEA, D3 liquid splash protection requirements, and Z87.1-205 standard for optical clarity, impact, and haze.

The product was made for easy and fast wearing and removing.

According to the company it helps protect against incidental face touching.

The 12-50001-00 Fluid-Resistant Disposable Goggle is made to block dust penetration and liquid splash.

It is internally tested to D3, ANSI and Z87.1-2015 requirements.

The goggle provides the following benefits:

  • A wide field of vision
  • Easy to don and remove
  • Equipped with an anti-fog coating

Customers can get cases of 216 for the full face protectors, while the goggles in cases of 84.

The company mentions the masks cannot function as protection against flames or sparks, and the goggles are not made to fit over prescription glasses.

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