Neiman Restarts Operations at Gilchrist Mill

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As it restarts Gilchrist Forest Products in Gilchrist Oregon, Neiman Enterprises is also improving its systems.

Neiman recently purchased this mill from Interfor, with plans to revitalize the site and invest capital in order to improve systems and tailor the site to their product line.

The sawmill is upgrading its Inovec Dynavision M6 scanner with a new USNR trimmer optimizer and scan frame outfitted with a BioLuma 2900L scanning system. In addition, the sawmill is installing a new USNR optimization system for the existing end dog carriage system, which will provide full 3D imaged solutions.

A new Stick-N-Fork Stacker system will also be installed at the sawmill. The Stick-N-Fork Stacker, in addition to being the fastest automatic sticker stacker on the market, has a slew of other features and options, such as boxing load forks, random-width pullback, bad stick error detection, and more.

A 180-degree turn will be replaced by two shorter 90-degree turn sections on the planer mill. Turn chains stretch over time and can become out of phase, so the new equipment will be more dependable and low-maintenance.

Neiman’s existing milling operations in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado will be supplemented by the Gilchrist mill. It manufactures ponderosa pine and lodgepole pine boards in sizes ranging from 14 to 121, as well as 6/4 shop. It enables the company to expand its customer base for high-quality ponderosa pine lumber products even further.

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