The Southern Pine Industry Remains Strong by Staying Together

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The Southern Pine Lumber Industry is similar to a family because it is full of friendly faces and organizations.

The industry has built its reputation and foundation on enduring values, one of which is sticking together.

We are strong and durable as long as we work as a team.

In the past century, we overcame the Great Depression, survived two World Wars, and made it through many pandemics.

Our industry has been through difficult times and has come out stronger each time.

The Southern Pine trade association and the Southern Forest Products Association have worked and stood by together through modern crises.

The current pandemic has led to genuine acts of kindness and creativity.

We monitor individuals and companies across our industry daily.

They do whatever they can to maintain production levels today and in the near future.

In difficult times like these we stand together, provide informational resources, answer queries, offer tools to facilitate trade, and help in any way.

In light of current events such as Covid-19, the economy, and unemployment rate it is easy to fall into a negative hole and never come out.

It is important to recognize the positive signs and developments within our industry.

On March 19, the Department of Homeland Security declared wood products as an important industry during this pandemic.

The recently released 2019 production numbers cited a 19.37 billion board feet annual production of Southern Yellow Pine, which is a record.

These numbers affirm our belief in a hopeful future and we will fight through these difficult times together.

Chris is our Texas contributor covering building products and home renovation.