Huber Engineered Woods Launches Wall Application for Exacor Magnesium-Oxide Panels

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Huber Engineered Woods, the company that brought Advantech Subfloor Assemblies and ZIP System Building Enclosures to market, has lately expanded its range of EXACOR Magnesium Oxide (MgO) panels to include wall sheathing, a significant addition to the firm’s fire-rated assembly1 products.

The MgO structural panels, which are now available for subfloor, subfloor underlayment, and wall applications, are designed with the needs of commercial and multifamily builders in mind.

EXACOR wall sheathing panels are cementitious panels consisting mostly of inorganic elements that are strengthened with layers of glass fiber mesh.

They are produced under a quality control regime, including ICC-ES and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) inspections to assure consistent product performance.

The panels have structural properties equivalent to wood sheathing and fire resistance similar to gypsum panels.

Framing teams who are skilled with installing OSB or plywood sheathing can simply install the panels.

Furthermore, the panels offer a fire-resistant solution that may aid in reducing the number of layers required in 2-hour fire-rated external wall assemblies for Type III construction.

To attain two hours of fire resistance, most typical gypsum-based exterior wall assemblies require two layers of Type X gypsum panels on either side of the wall assembly, or the addition of specified exterior siding materials.

The published 2-hour EXACOR MgO external wall assembly2 has a single layer of MgO on the outer side of the assembly, reducing material and labor costs while still maintaining fire protection and structural performance.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen how EXACOR panels in underlayment and subflooring assemblies are helping to meet the sound attenuation and fire-resistance rated needs of builders around the country, and we continue to learn from our trusted builder and architectural partners who align with the Huber philosophy of better building,” said Kate Land, Huber Engineered Woods’ General Manager, MgO Products.

“As Huber’s first major offering in fire-rated exterior wall assemblies, EXACOR opens the door to industry-wide innovation for multifamily and light commercial builds to help save our partners time and money.”

Vince is one of our building products correspondents based out of Boston, Massachusetts.