AMICO Launches a Self-Draining Vented Wall System Ideal for Exterior Cladding

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AMICO’s latest HYDRODRY system integrates a series of five parts to create a first-rate drainage and ventilation cavity for use with masonry siding, stucco exterior cladding, and veneer stone.

When used together, the system drains up to approximately 150 gallons of water/hour from within the wall cavity.

It can also vent water vapor through the wall’s top at 0.8 pounds/hour.

“Even with the increased use of rainscreens, traditional building practices and terminations still keep moisture trapped behind exterior walls, concentrating water in specific areas with no way for it to escape,” says Gary Baltz II, AMICO’s director of marketing, product development and business development.

The drain screed has a design fit for bottom of the wall use.

It features drainage and ventilation slots, and fits a rainscreen around 10 mm wide.

The EZ Vent provides a space for the release of water vapor from the cladding’s top.

It integrates a built-in flexible caulking gasket that makes for a fetching finish.

The Ultra drain profile allows for drainage over sill stones, windows, windows, and roof pitches.

The Amiflow Midwall is possible for use at separate floors or used on frame-over-block construction.

The HYDRODRY rainscreen stretches across the length of the wall.

It also comes with a high compression rate and Class A fire rating.

“This product is revolutionary in that it provides a dedicated drainage channel at the bottom of the wall and over openings, as well as a venting system that allows evaporated moisture to escape from the top of the cladding,” says Gary Baltz II.

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