Certainteed Launches Insulpure Building Insulation

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CertainTeed has introduced InsulPure, their newest insulation product, which includes a new and enhanced fiberglass composition meant to give better performance, higher efficiency, and higher quality, according to the firm.

InsulPure insulation is lightweight and simple to cut, handle, and install.

It quickly returns to its original shape after shipment and produces less dust during the installation procedure.

“We are focused on creating products that deliver a better overall experience for contractors,” CertainTeed’s vice president of product management, Bryon Magill stated.

“InsulPure is an evolution of our commercial insulation portfolio and is specifically engineered to exceed our customers’ expectations for performance and ease of installation.”

The bright-white insulation is composed of recycled materials and has no synthetics, additives, or colors.

It is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, NGBS Green Certified, formaldehyde-free, and UL-tested.

To prevent heat loss or gain from HVAC equipment or ductwork, a complimentary InsulPure Duct Wrap product is also available.

“Building on our commitment to green stewardship, InsulPure continues our dedication to offering insulation that provides exceptional energy efficiency, as well as superior thermal and acoustical performance,” CertainTeed’s product manager for residential building, James White, added.

InsulPure comes in batts or rolls ranging in thickness from 3 12 to 15 inches and width from 15 to 24 inches.

Kraft faced, unfaced, foil faced, and poly faced are among the options, with R-values ranging from R-11 to R-38.

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