Feeney’s Designrail now has wood grain finishes for top rails

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Feeney, Inc. now has a new series of customizable wood-grain top rail finishes for its Design Rail product line.

The finishes come in weathered gray, cherry and walnut wood grains.

The product follows the AAMA 2604 standards for retention of cold, impact and resistance to various types of weather.

These are compatible with any customized or standard DesignRail frame color.

“It’s undeniable that natural wood railings are beautiful,” says Brad Adsit, director of product development for Feeney.

“But, they require vigilance and regular upkeep to remain looking good. Our new Wood Grain Top Rail will allow our customers to experience the aesthetic qualities of wood while significantly reducing maintenance and providing the peace of mind that the railings will maintain their beauty for many years to come,” Brad Adsit continues.

Customers can get the Wood Grain Top Rail from authorized dealers.

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