Solving Grooved Decking With CAMO’s Perimeter Fastening

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The Starter Clips are compatible with current products for a deck surface that’s fastener-free.

National Nail has included new Starter Clips to CAMO’s deck fastening brand.

If homeowners are having problems with their grooved deck projects, these offer a face-fastening solution. These are compatible with CAMO DRIVE’s tool guide, and CAMO’s EdgeClip and EdgeXClip. The CAMO clip products’ design allows it to stay below the deck’s surface.

“Our customers love the elegant looks, and fastener-free deck surfaces CAMO products help them achieve,” says Greg Palmer, director of marketing for National Nail.

“Now, CAMO EdgeClips and EdgeXClips have a compatible solution for the perimeter—the first and last boards—with our new Starter Clips,” he added.

The package of Starter Clips includes 25 clips and 25 screws made of 304 stainless steel which span 30 linear feet. For proper installation, one must place the clip in line with the joist’s back edge and the cross joist’s center and then fasten it properly. They then must tilt the deck board and insert it into the clip.

This provides a solution and an extra option for homeowners looking for a solution to their grooved decking problems.

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