Milwaukee Tool Includes Handheld Core Drill to its MX Fuel Line

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The MX FUEL Equipment System by Milwaukee Tool expanded its product line by adding the MX FUEL Handheld Core Drill.

The product design improved core up to 6-inch holes in reinforced concrete.

The cordless tool operates on the MX FUEL equipment lithium-ion battery system.

This eliminates the problem of extension cords or tripped circuit breakers whenever a customer uses the tool.

“Drilling holes with a core drill is not something pros look forward to…many people we talked to knew someone that experienced kick back in a bind up or had put too much pressure on the tool causing the circuit breaker to trip,” says Brian Alves, group product manager for Milwaukee Tool.

The product’s patented clutch and AUTOSTOP technology follows a design that reduces kick back during certain situations such as bind up, and improving user control and safety.

The built-in performance gauge allows users to maximize optimized drilling speed. The LED level maintains accuracy.

The ONE-KEY feature enables users to monitor the saw drill’s location and make use of inventory management.

“We set out to eliminate those frustrations, delivering a solution that was not only safe and hassle free, but had the power to get the job done,” continues Brian Alves.
Product launch is set in May 2020.

It comes in a handheld kit (MSRP $2,469) or stand-mounted kit (MSRP $3,999), customers can buy the stand separately (MSRP $1,499).

Accessories for the MX FUEL Handheld Core Drill include:

  • Milwaukee Diamond Ultra Wet Core bits and Ultra Dry Core Bits. This is designed to provide up to 20% more operation time compared to the previous core bit generation.
  • Ultra Dry Core Bits feature a 13-inch drilling depth and 1-1/4-inch-7 thread connection for adapter-free use with the MX FUEL Core Drill.

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